Thursday, May 7, 2009

better? better. maybe better. is it better?

Fudged with the levels and such.

Old Skool (Old School)

Older piece from Joo Chung's somewhere during Junior Year. I always got a kick out of it. Might end up repainted so it actually can make it to my portfolio.


The illustrious Tom Woodruff happened to really dislike this piece, but tough rocks i like it. If Hamlet being visited by the ghost of his pops isn't good enough for him, I just don't know what is.

Wayyyyy Overdue

This took way to long to make a followup post, but the demands of life beckoned. Heres the fruits of Animal Illustration with Stan and Cheryl. The dog portrait now has a light purple background which I'm desperately trying to get used to. The Chimaera dog monster is unfortunately poorly photographed because im yet to find a big enough scanner for it, but you get the point.